“Good To Me” – Carolyn Traylor

“Good To Me”
Caroyln Traylor
From the CD, Waiting (2013)
Malaco Records

Carolyn Traylor "Good to Me" photo
Thinking on the goodness of the Lord is sure to lift your spirits, and Carolyn Traylor’s “Good to Me” is sure to make a great soundtrack for the experience.

“He’s so good to me / He constantly makes ways for me / He opens doors for me / Loves on me…” goes the contagious hook. After just one listen, I couldn’t stop humming the melody.

Traylor, who hails from Texas, has musical experiences on her resumé ranging from performances with Albertina Walker to international tours with Dr. Bobby Jones. Her soulful flare, which delves into blues territory, is just what this groove needs to complement its punchy bass, simmering horn section, and lively contemporary-styled background vocals.