“Can’t Nobody Remix” – Christopher Gray

Christopher Gray
“Can’t Nobody Remix”
Indie (2023)

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Christopher Gray is a musician, songwriter, producer, and recording artist who sings of the incomparable love of Jesus in his current single, “Can’t Nobody Remix.”

Born and raised in the inner-city part of Jackson, MS as the sixth of seven children, Christopher became acquainted with poverty, struggle, and eventually even incarceration—which he mentions in the opening verse of the remix—before coming into awareness of his purpose and using his musical gifts for the Lord as a praise and worship leader and recording artist.

Christopher’s vocal on “Can’t Nobody Remix” is warm but eclipsed by the tight background harmonies that carry the song. Still, the track is a nice addition to your summer/fall car playlist.

“Nothing Left” – Jaicko Lawrence

Jaicko Lawrence "Nothing Left" CD artwork

“Nothing Left” feat. Kingservant
Jaicko Lawrence
Indie (2023)

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Jaicko Lawrence is a Barbadian singer-songwriter with writing credits for Akon, J-Hope, and Jay Sean, to name a few. After giving his life to Jesus, he redirected the focus of his singing and writing. “Windows” became his first big writing placement, appearing on Pastor Mike, Jr.’s Impossible album.

Recently, Jaicko released his own single titled “Nothing Left.” It’s an introspective urban contemporary/dance hall/reggae song that lifts up themes of faith and perseverance with the repeating rhetorical question, “Who can give me rest, the kind that’s for my soul when I’ve got nothing left?” alongside other lyrical declarations like, “I just keep on looking to the hills; that’s where my help comes.” Jaicko is joined on this single by reggae artist Kingservant.

“Forgive Me” – Andrea René

“Forgive Me”
Andrea René
Inspirational Song Factory (2023)

Andrea René CD artwork

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Popularized by disco sensation Donna Summer, “Forgive Me” is gospel artist Andrea René’s latest recorded song offering, made available this year on July 7, which was Global Forgiveness Day. The track is produced by keyboardist Ruth Goolsby and released on Andrea René’s own Inspirational Song Factory label.

Andrea René approaches “Forgive Me,” written by Reba Rambo and Dony McGuire (and quite the opposite of a disco tune), with passion and tenderness. She graces the mic alone, supported with layers of piano and strings. The emphasis is squarely on the lyrics—a prayer that she sends soaring into the heavens. The petition is for God to help her forgive others as He has forgiven her.

Andrea René is a 25-year music industry veteran. The vocalist, songwriter, pianist, and producer was groomed in gospel by former choir directors Richard Smallwood, Byron Cage, and Ricky Dillard. She has plans to release a new EP later this year.

“This Joy” – Torrance Rudd

“This Joy”
Torrance Rudd
Indie (2023)

Torrance Rudd single cover

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Born and raised in a family of singers and musicians, Torrance Rudd started rapping at the age of 11. Since accepting Jesus as his Lord and Savior at 18, he has dedicated himself and his music to glorifying God. He testifies to the joy of being the King’s kid in his urban contemporary single, “This Joy.”

Torrance grabs hold of a familiar church cliché—”this joy that I have, the world didn’t give it to me”—and attaches his personal testimony of salvation and renewal. I expected rap but Torrance sings melodiously over a modest R&B chord progression heavily punctuated with synths and percussion. It’s a feel-good message with a skate party vibe.

“I need you to forget about your problems, grab your loved one by the hand, and take them to the dance floor ’cause it’s about to go down!” Torrance calls out near the end of the track.

Bruh, we’ve been dancing the whole time!

“Seek” – CLASS

CLASS feat. Elder Tam
MG Music Group (2023)


By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Recitation of Matthew 7:7 establishes the premise for “Seek” by CLASS. The gospel hip-hop artist drops the lyrics of his latest single over a relaxed tempo, delivering bars with an unhurried cadence. It’s effective for the simple message he imparts into the heart of the listener: an intimate relationship with God is available for the seeking. Tamatha Ward aka Elder Tam, joins him on the track, singing the melodic hook and riffing throughout the verses.

CLASS is the stage name of Effram Winstead, a member of MG Music Group. His music ministry has taken him and the group to several states and the UK. He is a faithful member of Young’s Chapel Baptist Church in Roxboro, NC, and shares life with his wife and their five children.

“Making A Way” – The New McShaws

“Making A Way”
The New McShaws (2022)
Available on digital outlets
Facebook: TheNewMcShaws

The New McShaws Making A Way

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

In the gospel music world of husband-wife duos, a few names readily come to mind like Angelo and Veronica, Phil and Brenda Nicholas, Sullivan and Iola Pugh, and Mom and Pop Winans. Insert Pastors David and Jacqueline McShaw. The pair, known as The New McShaws, have most recently brought us the single, “Making A Way.” 

“Making A Way” is The New McShaws’ personal expression of God’s provision during the COVID-19 pandemic and in their daily lives. Together, they sing as a couple who has, in fact, experienced enough adversity to know God as their waymaker. With their sentiments elevated by upbeat musical support, Pastor David leads the way through this moderately-paced, celebratory tune, tagging Pastor Jacqueline in the verses and vamp. 

All the things I need in my life
I have faith in You Lord, you’ll provide
You give me everything that I need
And You have never forsaken me

The McShaws have been singing nearly all their lives. Pastor David has traveled, sung, and recorded with the late Rev. Timothy Wright’s Concert Choir, Pastor John P. Kee, The O’Neal Twins, and as part of Dr. Juan Santiago and Uninhibited Praise. Pastor Jacqueline grew up singing in and directing the church choir from a child until adulthood. She has sung in various workshop choirs with Pastor John P. Kee, LaShun Pace, Bishop Donnie Graves, and Twinkie Clark, and has traveled extensively with Dr. Juan Santiago and Remnant.

Currently, the McShaws have a Facebook ministry that streams live on Saturdays. 

“He’ll Make It Alright” – Julius Pearson and The Gospel Chorale of Chicago

“He’ll Make It Alright”
Julius Pearson and The Gospel Chorale of Chicago (2022)
Enchanted Media Group
Available on Apple Music

Julius Pearson and the Gospel Chorale of Chicago art work - He'll Make It Alright

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Julius Pearson and The Gospel Chorale of Chicago give me exactly what I love about choir music in the Windy City: the sound of church. It’s the hand-clapping, foot-stomping, high energy that makes “He’ll Make It Alright” a great addition to the Sunday morning catalog. Maryta Powell blazes the lead vocal. The single is the first from the choir’s forthcoming album, Black Church Music, Vol. 1, set to be released this summer.

Pearson is originally from Louisiana and now resides in Chicago. He is the Gospel Chorale of Chicago’s founder and director.

“Great Change” – The Hawkins Boys

“Great Change”
The Hawkins Boys (2022)
Available on Apple Music

The Hawkins Boys Great Change art work

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

When hearing “Great Change,” one feature pops out instantly: close harmonies. It’s the sound of The Hawkins Boys, and they deliver not just smooth vocals but an optimistic message.

The message is attributed to the writing talent of brothers Lemuel and Joe Hawkins: “Never lose hope, keep your head up high, wipe the tears from your eyes because just when you thought it was over, God said He ain’t through with your story, just fall down on your knees and pray because there’s a great change coming your way!”

Lyrically, “Great Change” is aligned with the contemporary/gospel soul group’s mission to make music with a purposeful message. The track is produced by industry veterans Melvin Williams and Stan Jones.

“2 Chronicles 7:14” – Min. Shawn Xavier Jones & The Company

“2 Chronicles 7:14”
Min. Shawn Xavier Jones & The Company (2020)

2 Chronicles 7:14 Shawn Jones art work

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

While Minister Shawn Xavier Jones does not take all the credit for God’s Word in his lyrical content, he is certainly credited with placing the Old Testament verse in lyrical form for this musical offering of “2 Chronicles 7:14.”

The Company is at the forefront throughout this uptempo track, singing the scripture that many Bible readers have committed to memory. Jones is a multi-talented musician. In 2019, he launched his own record company, SXavier’s Place Music Group, which led to the release of “2 Chronicles 7:14,” produced by Jason St. Clair and Christopher L. Hinson, Sr.

“Feel So Good (The Remix)” – Theodore Chestnutt

“Feel So Good (The Remix)”
Theodore Chestnutt (October 5, 2022)
Available on Apple Music

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Theodore Chestnutt and his “Feel So Good (The Remix)” explore the depth of God’s love, arriving at the hook, “It feels so good loving You…I know that You love me back.” The contemporary gospel remix is rhythmically heavy on synths and drum pads as Chestnutt runs over a list of human conditions and extends the overarching message that God’s love prevails over them all.

Chestnutt is a native of Brooklyn, NY, and currently resides in Goldsboro, NC. The Rhythm of Gospel award-winning singer, songwriter, producer, and engineer has plans to release his upcoming album Journey Songs in 2023.