"H.O.L.Y." – Keion D. Henderson

Keion D. Henderson (2018)
Holy Keion Henderson cover artBy Janie Sheeley-Torain
GMF Special Contributor
Keion D. Henderson’s cover of “H.O.L.Y.” (originally performed by country duo Florida Georgia Line) will have your hands raised and singing along with tears of joy streaming down your cheek. Hallelujah!  “H.O.L.Y.” is an acronym for “high on loving you.”
The country-styled vertical worship song opens with layers of musical accompaniment and just enough organ to give you that “churchy” feeling that suggests, “Oh yeah, we are getting ready to worship.”  Then, oh my!  Keionalso known as Pastor Henderson to his 6,500-member Lighthouse Church of Houston congregationcapably leads you from a cold winter morning of loneliness and despair to feeling the warmth of the Son on your face. He guides the tune dramatically upwards into the crescendo of worship and praise and then gently downward, back into the flow of personal worship.

H.O.L.Y.” is written by Busbee, Nate Cyphert, and William Larsen. 

Janie Sheeley-Torain, Ed.D, is a gospel music enthusiast, author, National Board Certified Teacher, and lifelong educator. She is an advocate of invigorating gospel music that inspires, elevates, and encourages the listener. She has published and is currently working on manuscripts that embolden the musicians of gospel music.