"Because of You" – Damon Little

“Because of You”
Damon Little (2014)

Damon Little - Because of You art workDamon Little is known for the hit songs “You Can’t Straddle the Fence,” “Do Right,” and “Make A Way,” but perhaps his most personal musical offering thus far is the urban praise ballad “Because of You.”

Little has a testimony—a portion of which he shares at the start of his self-penned tune. Just over a year ago, the gospel community rallied around him with prayers and support when they got the news that he would need emergency heart surgery.  Though the surgery can now be described as a success, Little underwent several challenges and setbacks, including a brief period during which he says his body rejected his heart. Now he’s healed and lyrically proclaims, “I wish they could see me today; I would tell them look at me now, see what the Lord can do.”

“Because of You,” produced by Little and co-produced by Bubby Fann, departs from the familiar quartet stylings of Little and his group Nu Beginnings and embraces choir harmonies.  The result is an arrangement that complements the toggling of narration and singing that Little does throughout his song of gratitude.

“Because of You” is available on iTunes.

Damon Little recovering well, personally thanks fans for payers

(Baltimore, MD)  Damon Little announced two weeks ago that he would
have surgery on April 22, but he entered the hospital earlier, on April
15, for emergency open heart surgery, and now he wants everyone to know
his progress in this update letter: 

I just want to take some
time to inform my fans, friends, family, and the gospel music industry
on the progress of my surgery. As momma used to say, “this is from the
horse’s mouth.”  Thanks be to God, my operation went very well.
Although I had a few slight setbacks, I am alive and I want to give God
all the praise.  I was told before surgery that I probably would need
stents, a pacemaker, or animal parts for the bypass surgery, but God
fixed it that when the doctors opened me up they were able to repair my
heart without those things because a supernatural healing had
already begun. I didn’t need a pacemaker, or foreign animal parts to
complete the surgery.

The surgery should have only lasted four
hours but lasted almost eight hours instead. The chief surgeon explained
to me that they fought hard to restart the heart because it was only
working at 18%.  My body was rejecting the heart and would not let the
pulmonary-lung machine go.  The chief surgeon did not want to give up,
and did few other techniques to restart the heart. He believed I was too
young and strong to go out like that.  The doctor told me that he
remembered hearing me say, “yea though I walk through the valley, I will
fear no evil for though art with me” before I received anesthesia.
Saints, God was truly with me because my heart restarted and climbed to
36.5% and has continued to climb. 

After entering ICU, I had
another setback, where mucus began to build up all over my body. My ICU
nurse treated me horribly that night after my surgery. She wasn’t aware
that I was coherent and the more I attempted to communicate with my
hands for help, the more she medicated me for comfort, thinking I was
delirious.  Once again I was at death’s door, but God sent an angel, who
was the morning nurse. He had been off for three days and decided to
come in two hours early for his shift. He found me choking, and started
working on me. Since then I’ve remained stable, and I am now in cardiac
rehab.  I want everyone to know, that I don’t have to assume. I know God
is truly a way maker, so please keep me in your prayers and I will be
speaking to my pastors, radio announcers, promoters, sponsors, and
colleagues in the industry, friends, and family very soon.

On April 27, Damon celebrated “a true birthday of being renewed in spirit
and happy to be alive.”  You can continue to send well wishes to
P.O. Box 29806, Baltimore, MD. 21216, [email protected],
or 410-462-5371.   
Damon has one more request: “Everyone eat a slice of sugar-free cake on my
birthday for me. Lol…I look forward to personally making calls in
May—God Bless.”

Damon Little to have emergency heart surgery

(Baltimore, MD)  Quartet gospel music legend Damon Little, who is best known for hit
songs such as “You Can’t Straddle The Fence,” “Do Right” or his recent
hit “Make A Way,” has been scheduled for emergency heart surgery to take
place Monday, April 22, in the Baltimore, MD area.  Little wanted his
fans to hear the news straight from him and here’s his letter:

“To all my friends and family, first and
foremost we serve an awesome God, and I am thankful to God for being
merciful and kind to me. I would like to take this time to sincerely
speak to my friends, family and colleagues about an incident that has
occurred.  My message may seem sad, but it’s indeed a blessing for me,
and I hope this message will be of encouragement to others. This year
has been a blessed top of the year for me, as far as my music charting,
concerts, and tour dates, family life, witnessing, and blessing the
saints across the country.   As I ministered last week in the Carolinas,
and was preparing for dates in Florida and Overseas; I noticed
three times that I experienced shortness of breath. I had no chest
fort but I remained concerned and mindful of the changes that were
occurring in my body. The spirit led me to go home instead of to
Florida and get myself checked out with a doctor.
I went
to the emergency room thinking I had a sinus infection and when I
entered the emergency room, yes saints I lied—I told them my chest was
hurting so that I could be seen quicker, the EKG was taken and came back
great. I was told to go back to the waiting room but I then informed
the nurses that my chest was really beginning to bother me.  I was then
escorted away for a cat scan that found fluid in my lungs. This was the
first sign of congestive heart failure.

Saints, I am in the
hospital where I will be treated by top doctors and you guys know I am
always encouraging everyone—so I am taking this opportunity to encourage
all my singers, fans, friends and family to take better care of
yourselves.  Sometimes you never know how you will write and sing a song
that will turn around and minister back to you:  ‘I don’t know how you
going to fix it, how you going to make away, but Lord I need you to do
something for me today.’    I am asking my pastors, promoters, radio
stations, fans, family, friends, and colleagues, to lift me up in prayer
and most importantly, ask the lord to `Make A Way’ for me, my wife and

Fans can send cards and well wishes to Damon Little at P.O. Box 29806, Baltimore, MD 21216 or call (410) 462-537, [email protected] for updates.