“Teach the Children” – Dr. John “G Star” Jones

“Teach The Children”
Dr. John “G Star” Jones (2012)

Dr. John "G Star" Jones
There’s more to education than ABC’s and 123’s, according to Dr. John Jones, who goes by the stage name G Star (meaning “God’s Star”).  His uptempo inspirational tune reminds mothers, fathers, and teachers of all kinds of their moral obligation to “Teach the Children.”
“Teach the Children” sounds like a public service announcement of sorts, urging that children be taught to love God, stay in school, and have class.

Jones has been making music for many years and is known for his unique style and charisma.  More notably, according to his bio, he has dedicated his time and talents toward helping to take homeless children off New York City’s streets and provide them with housing—a commendable service to our kids and a testament that Jones doesn’t just talk the talk.