"Thank God I'm Still Here" – Renee Spearman

“Thank God I’m Still Here”
Renee Spearman
From the CD, Whoa to Wow! (2012)
JDI Records

Bringing up the rear of Renee Spearman’s successful Whoa to Wow! CD is the funky “Thank God I’m Still Here.”

The musically multi-talented Cali native pumps out her self-penned groove of gratitude “for life, health and strength / activity of my limbs,” accompanied by a heavy bass and drum backdrop that would have provoked Godfather of Soul James Brown to get his shout and shimmy on for sure.

Produced by Michael Bereal and Professor James Roberson, “Thank God I’m Still Here” thumps with prominent live horns and a rhythmic downbeat that makes it downright irresistible to dance while giving thanks for the oft mentioned blessings that are also just as often taken for granted.