"Shine On Me" – Mary Griffin

“Shine On Me”
Mary Griffin
Walker Entertainment Group / Mahogany Music (2011)
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Nothing stirs your soul like an oldie, and Mary Griffin delivers “Shine On Me” with the fervor that this soul-stirring spiritual requires.  To say that Griffin’s voice is powerful is an understatement.  It is soulful.  It is unique.  It is full of expression.  Hearing her belt out this number takes me back to my childhood days in the Baptist church when, just before leading the worshipers in prayer, the church mothers would make their way to the altar petitioning God, “Let the light from the lighthouse shine on me.”

Griffin is very much in her zone performing soulful music.  She is currently touring with George Clinton and Patti LaBelle, and one of her songs, “I Surrender,” was re-recorded by Celine Dion.

Is there any doubt that the light is shining on her?