Sizzlin’ This Week (9/12/11) – “Jesus”

Le’Andria Johnson
From the CD, The Awakening of Le’Andria Johnson (2011)

If there is any doubt about why Le’Andria Johnson was a hit on season three of Sunday Best, it will vanish once you hear the slow, intensely soulful and passionate “Jesus” from her new project, The Awakening of Le’Andria Johnson.

Having penned the song–by singing it into her phone in an airport, it’s obvious that Johnson knows about calling Jesus from a dark, gut-wrenching place. Since winning last season’s show, she was faced with the passing of her brother; she also confronted a bout with alcohol that began with occasional wine drinking. There’s no mistaking that this song’s lyrics (“…I needed to break out and get freedom/One bad decision after the next, just getting by…”) are a part of her testimony.

Johnson calls Jesus like she’s desperate for rescue, and throughout she unashamedly points listeners to the One who lifts from sin and shame: “Jesus–call Him like you want Him, call Him like you need Him!”