"A Story to Tell" – North Carolina Community Choir

“A Story to Tell”
North Carolina Community Choir feat. Darrell Luster
4Winds/Malaco Music Group (2012) 

Originally posted March 20, 2012 at 7:58AM
Last Updated March 21, 2012 at 11:52AM

Darrell Luster takes the lead on North Carolina Community Choir’s new single “A Story to Tell.”

“What’s that behind that smile on your face?” the choir inquires over the unhurried horn-laced musical backdrop. “What kind of pain are you trying to erase?  How do you hide it–hide it so well?”

“I’ll bet you’ve got a story,” Luster interposes.  The choir returns, “A story to tell!” 

The choir was originally formed in 2008, under the direction of Ray Braswell, Jr. and James Bellamy in Rocky Mount, from the vision of Dr. Thomas L. Walker (known for his circa 1980 gospel gold album One Day at a Time).  At that time, the aggregation was called The Promise Choir.  Sometime later, the choir was revamped and renamed with Luster, Braswell, and songwriter Brian Foster at the helm.

The choir has performed on Bobby Jones Gospel, and has sung on projects by The Sensational Nightingales (Live in Rocky Mount), Darrell Luster & F.C. Barnes (“He Won’t Change”), and Lil’ Blair & The Fantastic Heirs.

“A Story to Tell” is a compelling preface to the North Carolina Community Choir’s upcoming CD memoir.

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  1. Hi i'm sorry to here that you are having trouble.What you will need to do is to let that sight know that you can't here the music.If you like im apart of the Group an could get you A cd they are 10.00 dollors. If so please let me know again im sorry to here that you can't here the music. I thank you for letting us know. We don't have anything to do with there systems messing up but as i had stated We will be glad to get you A cd. God Bless an have a great day….

  2. Can someone let these artists know, that the song "I Heard A Word" on their latest albumn "A Story To Tell" is not playing properly when being downloaded, or played from MP3. This is on Amazon, Rhapsody, etc. The song is all garbled like a scratched LP, and may deter prospective buyers, especially from what can be heard, may be one of the best songs. I know that I didn't download the album because of this.

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