"It Could've Been My Son" – John P. Kee

“It Could’ve Been My Son”
John P. Kee

Last month when I expressed my outrage about the Trayvon Martin case (see related story), I reported the gospel community’s response and voiced my hope for the momentum to continue.

Pastor John P. Kee has set to music the sentiment of millions of parents all over the country with his brand new single, “It Could’ve Been My Son.”

Once a street thug and drug dealer, the father of nine witnessed firsthand the senseless violence that occurred in his neighborhood, including the untimely death of a close friend.  Since his spiritual transformation, the award-winning singer and Charlotte pastor has pursued an aggressive street ministry, especially to inner city communities.  For the past five years, Kee has hosted a gun exchange program–allowing people to trade in their guns for gift cards.  The guns are then given to the police to be destroyed.

“It Could’ve Been My Son” is available on iTunes.

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