“Daddy’s Angel” – Carl Brister

“Daddy’s Angel”
Carl Brister
From the CD, Undefeated (2011)

While there is an abundance of music honoring moms, only a handful of songs highlight the loving bond between fathers and their children like Carl Brister’s “Daddy’s Angel.” 
On his site, Brister shares how the ballad was birthed.
“I wrote the song ‘Daddy’s Angel’ a week before my second son, Jordan, was born,” he explains.  “My wife kept having false labor, and I was stressing out!!!  So to relax, I started playing the keyboard and God gave me the song.  I was reflecting on the experience of fatherhood I had with my first son, Justin, while anticipating Jordan’s arrival.  So the song is about both. By the time Jordan came home from the hospital I had put together a rough draft of the song so it would be the first thing he heard in the car.”
Another unique characteristic is that of a parent paying tribute to child, the opposite of which is often the case with Mother’s and Father’s Day repertoire.
The introduction to “Daddy’s Angel” captures the endearing relationship between daddy and child before Brister begins his beautifully tender ode, “The day you were born, somehow I knew that you were my angel.”