Victory – Douglas Miller

Douglas Miller
Universal Music (1993) 

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

A few weeks back, Douglas Miller shared a copy of his CD, Victory, with me.  Although it was one of his releases from the early 90’s, his music reminds one why some gospel songs are hopelessly dated while others are auspiciously timeless.

As one of the most recognizable voices in gospel, Miller’s uptempo choir numbers like “Soldier,” “Victory” (the title track), and the churchy-fied “Trouble Won’t Last Always” carry both a sound and message for Sunday morning 2012 (especially if the church minister of music wants to give the choir baritone a solid lead vocal).  With Miller’s rich tone resonating clearly and beautifully throughout, the slow selections work, too.

While none of the 10 tracks stands up to the classic “My Soul Has Been Anchored,” the flavor of Victory whets one’s appetite for something new by one of the industry’s most unique voices.

“Trouble Won’t Last Always”

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SIMMERIN’ (3 of 5 Stars)