“Set Me On Fire” – Gina Lloyd

“Set Me On Fire”
Gina Lloyd
Destiny Records (Dec. 19, 2023)

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Gina Lloyd "Set Me On Fire" cover art

Gina Lloyd, psalmist and worship leader, recently dropped the single, “Set Me On Fire,” and it’s been making rounds on social media, even becoming the soundtrack for local and overseas dance challenges with its Afrobeat vibe.

The song unfolds with Gina’s invitation to the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit: “I feel you—your presence all around me / I want you to consume me / Consume me with your fire.” Yet, what’s striking is the juxtaposition of her light, occasionally airy vocals with the fiery imagery of the lyrics, especially by the time she proclaims, “I’m on fire!”

Lloyd is at home in the music industry, having sung backup for artists such as Josh Groban, Alicia Keys, and Melonie Daniels. She embraced her calling as a psalmist in 2006.

Overall, “Set Me On Fire” doesn’t quite deliver the intensity I expected from a song with that title, but that’s also what makes it worth a listen; it captivates in its own right. My sense is that a live worship setting gives “Set Me On Fire” adequate fuel to engulf the atmosphere.