"Spiritual" – Donald Lawrence & Company

Donald Lawrence & Company
From the upcoming CD, Your Righteous Mind (Available Aug 9, 2011)
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Donald Lawrence’s songs are often lifted right from the Scriptures, reminding you that the Bible is as timely as it is timeless.  Such is the matter of “Spiritual” from his forthcoming Your Righteous Mind album.

Blanche McAllister-Dykes (whom you know from Lawrence’s Tri-City Singers) delivers this number’s rich lead vocal atop a soul-infused music and choir arrangement, before Lawrence shouts out the band in the brassy musical interlude.  Die-hard Clark Sisters fans will recognize that the song’s climactic vamp makes its ascent sampling the sisters’ early 1980’s tune, “Walking in the Spirit.”

“Spiritual” is the second single from Your Righteous Mind.  The first single, which is the album’s title song and features Dorinda Clark-Cole, has been making waves since its radio debut.

Lawrence recently announced that the full-length project will drop August 9th.

“Back To You” – Dorinda Clark-Cole

“Back To You”
Dorinda Clark-Cole
From the upcoming CD to be released late summer 2011

This is not your mama’s Dorinda Clark-Cole.

You–and your mama–have come to know her as the jazzy, churchy one.  Her new single “Back To You” is fresh and her riffs are indeed jazzy; but this track is definitely not churchy.  Nevertheless, such a departure from the Clark-Cole blueprint demonstrates what fans have known all along: this sister can sing anything, and rest assured it will be packed with punch, passion, and power.

Vocally, the legendary Clark sister skillfully sprinkles in some R&B flavor while remaining true to her signature stylings.  It’s obvious that “Back To You” is intentionally urban and deliberately Dorinda.

Generations of Clark-Cole fans should truly expect the forthcoming full-length project to have a little something on it for everybody–and their mama.