“Back To You” – Dorinda Clark-Cole

“Back To You”
Dorinda Clark-Cole
From the upcoming CD to be released late summer 2011

This is not your mama’s Dorinda Clark-Cole.

You–and your mama–have come to know her as the jazzy, churchy one.  Her new single “Back To You” is fresh and her riffs are indeed jazzy; but this track is definitely not churchy.  Nevertheless, such a departure from the Clark-Cole blueprint demonstrates what fans have known all along: this sister can sing anything, and rest assured it will be packed with punch, passion, and power.

Vocally, the legendary Clark sister skillfully sprinkles in some R&B flavor while remaining true to her signature stylings.  It’s obvious that “Back To You” is intentionally urban and deliberately Dorinda.

Generations of Clark-Cole fans should truly expect the forthcoming full-length project to have a little something on it for everybody–and their mama.