Eunice Wright resumes music career after medical hiatus

After a three-month hiatus for medical reasons, Eunice Wright has resumed her music ministry and travel schedule.  In June, GMF reported that Wright was putting her music career on hold to donate a kidney to her 19 year-old son Tony, who had been diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease.  She made her first appearance since the procedure Sunday, September 23, at Crossroad Christian Church in Delaware for its Annual Founder’s Day.
“My son is progressing wonderfully!” says
Wright. “As for me, I’ve made some healthy lifestyle changes, lost more
than 50 pounds, and I’m in the best physical health I’ve experienced in a
very long time!”

She adds, “I am grateful to God for the things that
He’s done, and I’m grateful for all of the love and support we have
received while we were recovering. It means so much to me to know others
truly care, and I thank you all so very much. Your prayers, well
wishes, emails, Facebook posts and messages, and labors of love will
never be forgotten!”

Eunice Wright puts music career on hold to save son

Giving Life to a Life for the Second Time Around
(Dover, Delaware) – June 20, 2012 – For the last four years, national recording artist Eunice Wright has ministered in song to deliver a message of faith, hope, and love to people across the county.  This Friday, June 22, her message takes on new definition as she takes a break from her busy music and secular careers to donate a kidney to her eldest son, Tony.
Tony, now 19, was diagnosed over two and a half years ago with End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), a condition where both of his kidneys have completely shut down.  The cause of this failure is unknown, according to medical professionals.  Treatment options for ESRD are limited–either undergo dialysis and extend life span for five to ten years or opt for a transplant with the hopes of extending lifespan to 15 to 20 years.  In June 2011, Wright made the decision to donate one of her kidneys to her son, and for the last twelve months has been preparing for this Friday’s procedure.
“The process to prepare for the transplant has taken about a year for the doctors to determine that I was a good donor choice for my son,” says Wright.  “There were some health changes I had to make which lead to me losing 40 pounds.  I’m not mad about that part at all!” she jokes.  “I feel confidence that everything will be okay.  I’ve put this whole matter in God’s hands from the very beginning.  He has sustained us and will continue to do so through this journey in our lives.  I trust God and I’m at peace with whatever the outcome may be. God knows the plan He has for me and Tony and His plan is working in us right now.  I also look at it as giving life to my son a second time.  I brought him into this world with God’s help, and now, I’m fighting to keep him here as long as I can with God’s help.”
Wright is expected to be back in full force in approximately four to six weeks.  Tony’s recovery, according to doctors, is estimated to be a year.  We are soliciting your prayers for the healing and speedy recovery of Tony and Eunice, as well as your prayers for the Wright, Purnell, and Joyful Noyze families, as they support the two throughout this procedure.
Label executive Carlos Cannon, Sr. states, “It is a very delicate surgery that even afterwards, he (Tony) will have a lot [of] restrictions because of the nature of this procedure.  Surgical procedures are never easy and to have two immediate family members in an operating room at the same time can be overwhelming.  We appreciate your sincere prayers as God carries us all through this ordeal.”
Wright recently released her sophomore project Worth It All in April 2012.  Her new project features the hit single “Hello God” that is still making its way to radio waves around the country.  “Hello God” is available for download free on the official Eunice Wright website, www.eunicewright.comWorth It All and her debut project, Wait On Me, are also available for purchase on the official website, as well as on iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby.  For more information contact Joyful Noyze Entertainment or visit

"Hello God" – Eunice Wright

“Hello God”
Eunice Wright
From the upcoming CD, Worth It All (Available April 10, 2012)

Eunice Wright’s contemporary christian flavored “Hello God” is a refreshing way to invite the Father to take center stage in your life.

“Make Yourself comfortable,” Wright bids, “for Your presence just made my day.”

The worship single is being greeted warmly on radio and is featured on the award-winning psalmist’s forthcoming CD, Worth It All.

Though still rather new to the industry, Wright is not new to singing or ministry.  Her first release, Wait On Me, earned her three awards and thirteen other award nominations including Stellar, the Rhythm of Gospel, and South Florida Gospel Music Awards recognition. 

“Hello God” is presently available for download free on the official Eunice Wright website: