Breaking News: Ben Chandler of the Pilgrim Jubilees dies

Originally posted June 25, 2012 at 12:28PM 
Last updated June 29, 2012 at 3:53PM

Ben Chandler has diedBen Chandler, a longtime member of the Pilgrim Jubilees, died today.  He joined the group in 1970.  The Jubes commented on their Facebook page, “We will miss him dearly and there will never be another!” 

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “services for Deacon Benjamin Chandler “Uncle Ben” of the Pilgrim Jubilees will be held, Saturday, June 30, 2012, at 10:00 AM at Mt. Patmos Baptist Church, Rev. Raleigh Rucker, Senior Pastor officiating. Interment Resthaven Gardens of Memory.  Survivors are wife, Gloria Chandler “GiGi”; ten children, three sisters, a host of grandchildren and other relatives and friends. A viewing will be held today from 10:00 AM until 8:30 PM.  A celebration will be held TONIGHT at the church at 7:00 PM. Please assemble at the church at 9:30 AM for the homegoing service.”

8 Replies to “Breaking News: Ben Chandler of the Pilgrim Jubilees dies”

  1. Is Cleve Graham of the pilgrim jubilees still alive does the pilgrim jubilees still book programs

    1. Hi, Richard – Yes, Cleve is still with us as of March 21, 2022. And yes, the Jubes are still making appearances. What a legendary group!

  2. Ben and Cleave Graham could really sing. “Won’t it Wonderful by The Jubes that I still enjoy listening to and to see how they handle the chairs in this song, I know we all have to die one day, but God has spared the Jubes and now, Howard Hunt, of The Supreme Angels, Margaret Allison of the Angelics and Clay Graham of the Jubes are gone, Willie Banks, who sang with The Messengers, Willie Neal Johnson, from of the Keynotes is gone also the I think Big Red of The Swanee Quintet Ruben Willingham who was passing a hat and trying to get more $ at the concerts is dead now too, I used to see how much I loved to see them marching in, By the way, Clay Graham was 89 when he died. He spoke about Joe (Ligon Prounced Ligone) of the Mighty Clouds of Joy, who is now dead too

  3. Ben sang and carried himself with great class on the stage and in the gospel field. His singing style was unique and impeccable. God bless his wife and children and the great Pilgrim Jubilees.

  4. "I'll Fly Away" will never be sung again such as Ben Chandler could sing it! Rest in peace Deacon Chandler we will miss you.

    1. How well I remember Ben singing on for the Jubes, Don’t let Him Down, when the he called out you got the day, I remember throwing up my hand, when he said Sunday, I remember praying while I was getting my oldest child ready for church and The Great Jesus came into my heart that day in church and saved my soul, so you see why when Ben said Sunday why I threw up my hands, That is my day, Ben Chandler said that his day was Thursday, I remember travelling with the group and Ben Chandler told me that he would give a record that the Jubes had made, of course I didn’t get the record, the offer still meant a lot to me. I also remember Clay told me out of the blue, told me that Mickey Howard was his daughter, I mean he was so proud of her, even though she hung out with Chaka Khan and was on drugs with Chaka. Clay Graham was still proud of her, of course there’s more to the story than that, I won’t divulge all it here, but there’s much more than I will divulge here.

      1. Somethings we should not divulge, remember we all have skeletons and I don’t think Clay was 89 when he died. Why were you traveling with the gospel group, what group did you sing with or were you a groupie?

        1. True We do all have skeletons That why Jesus died for our sins to be forgiven But people always bring up our past like they have been righteous all their lives

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