"B A Beacon (Se' Un Faro)" – Everett Drake

“B A Beacon (Se’ Un Faro)”
Everett Drake
From the CD, Amen Goes Right There! (2011)
Dherico Music

Everett Drake cover art

It’s not often that you get to hear something like “B A Beacon (Se’ Un Faro)” from Everett Drake.  The reason is that he’s usually seen churning out more traditional tunes with Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones and the Nashville Super Choir.  With songs like this quick-paced Latin jazz piece though, Drake shows that he’s quite capable of writing (along with the project’s producer Derrick Lee) and performing a diverse repertoire of gospel and inspirational music. 

Vocalist Kyla Jade and trumpeter Rod McGaha join Drake on “B A Beacon (Se’ Un Faro)” urging, “B A beacon, let your light shine!”