"So Good" – Ruth La'Ontra

“So Good”
Ruth La’Ontra
From the CD, So Good (2013)
Tyscot Records

By Shaundria Williams
Special Contributor 

Music lovers have all kinds of music.  Music
for exercising, music for long drives, music for cleaning the house, music for
getting ready for church–we create the soundtrack of our lives.  That
being said, Ruth La’Ontra’s debut project, So
, is SO GOOD!  Cousin Ruth (in my Kirk Franklin voice) has sung me
to work for a couple of months now. 
Although her entire project is phenomenal, one song has been on repeat:
the title track, “So Good.”

This neo-quartetish ballad reminds me of all-night
“sangings” way back over in the woods. 
You know the ones that started at three in the afternoon and didn’t end
until ten or twelve at night?  In this
scenario, Ruth La’Ontra’s group would sing after the offering.  And if they managed to complete their
selections without singing “it,” you’d be sure to see members of the
congregation with their index fingers up motioning for an usher, then handing
over a folded slip of paper and whispering, “Give this to Ruth so she can sing
‘So Good.’” 

It starts out as a gentle conversation between God
and His beloved child.  God simply asks
her, “How does it feel…” followed by several illustrations of His loving
kindness.  She simply replies, “It feels
good, good to me.”  Somewhere around
three minutes (2:53 to be exact), Sis. Ruth thinks about that “thang” and
decides to tell God JUST how good He is to her. 
As she testifies, her background vocalists support her with a simple
refrain: “So good.”  The harmonies along
with the horns are sure to spur a good “stank face.”  As for Sis. Ruth, I believe she’s got a
little preach in her.  

Check in tomorrow to read Shaundria’s interview with La’Ontra.

Want to see Ruth La’Ontra in person?  She will minister in song on February 1, 2014, at Aberdeen Elementary School at 7:00 PM
(doors open at 5:30 PM).  For more
information, find her on Facebook and Twitter. 
You can also follow her on SocialCam, Instagram, and YouTube.