“Oh My Lord” – God’s Example

“Oh My Lord”
God’s Example (2020)

God's Example cover art

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Urban contemporary group God’s Example drops bars lamenting racial and social unrest, COVID-19, political party divides, and other issues of the day in the single, “Oh My Lord.” Relying on the hope of overcoming turbulent times, the group says the countdown is on for the end of “Pharoah’s gig” and calls for kingdom reformation.

It’s a heavy message that pivots to a decidedly optimistic declaration: “He said He’ll never leave me / Neither will He forsake me / If He said it, I believe it / If He spoke it, I receive it / And I won’t let nobody shake me!”

Musically, God’s Example packages “Oh My Lord” with ample urban contemporary bop and a quick traditional quartet hump – all before the track reaches the three-minute mark. A certain aural nostalgia makes it apparent to me that The Winans are among the group’s musical influences. It’s definitely a compliment to the style of these four biological brothers whose quartet originated in Florida under the leadership of their father, Pastor Emaniuel Roberts.

“Oh How I Love You” – Zacardi Cortez

“Oh How I Love You”
Zacardi Cortez (2018)
Blacksmoke Music Worldwide

Zacardi Cortez cover artBy Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Some of the best songs I’ve heard sound new and old at the same time.  New and catchy, yet nostalgic.  Enter Zacardi Cortez with “Oh How I Love You,” written by Lucius B. Hoskins, Fred Sanders Jr., Izk Jenkins, and Nicholas

“Oh How I Love You” is a ballad with music that’s an instant throwback to 70s R&B and
  Add Zacardi’s passionately soulful vocals and you have an intimate vertical song of devotion for both old school and new school music heads.

“Your Love” – Enin Perryman

“Your Love”
Enin Perryman (2018)

Enin Perryman Your Love art

By Janie Sheeley-Torain
GMF Special Contributor

Listening to “Your Love” is like being in a movie theater with surround sound.  Just like surround sound, Enin Perryman’s single creates a sensation of empowering love coming from any horizontal direction–360° around the listener–and brings you along with him to have you tapping your toes and ready to tell the world of your victories too. Prepare yourself to allow his rich sound–which occasionally ascends into his falsetto register–and captivating lyrics to take you back to a moment when you felt the overwhelming presence of the Almighty‘s love.  Through “Your Love,” the Atlanta-based singer, songwriter, and pastor assures you that Jesus is with you through any challenge that you face.  

Perryman, whose talents have afforded him performances and collabs with Usher, Quincy Jones, Prince, and others, is preparing to release a full-length project in 2019.


Janie Sheeley-Torain, Ed.D, is a gospel music enthusiast, author, National Board Certified Teacher, and lifelong educator. She is an advocate of invigorating gospel music that inspires, elevates, and encourages the listener. She has published and is currently working on manuscripts that embolden the musicians of gospel music.

"You Are God" – Charlie Bereal (Video)

Enjoy Charlie Bereal’s video of the single, “You Are God,” directed by Reymundo Santos.

Bereal has written and produced for the likes of Whitney Houston, Jamie Foxx, Mary Mary, and Chris Brown.

"I Give You Everything" – Charlene Moore

“I Give You Everything”
Charlene Moore (2017)
Available at iTunes

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

“I Give You Everything” is the current single by San Francisco Bay Area singer/musician Charlene Moore.  The ebullient urban contemporary tune is copious with soul and heft, which is evident from the moment Moore wraps her robust, raspy vocal around the first verse:

Lord, I come to You with arms outstretched, nothing to hide;
Offering all that I have without any pride.
Take everything–it’s all for You!

“I Give You Everything” features Moore’s industry friends Martha Wash, Bishop Yvette Flunder, and Sara Williams.

"Say Yes" – Tiffany Jeffers

"Say Yes" Tiffany Jeffers art work“Say Yes”
Tiffany Jeffers (2016)
Write Haus Music Group

By Libra Boyd

Gospel Music Fever

The intro of Tiffany Jeffers’ single “Say Yes” could easily be part of an old Nintendo game.  But get this: just as quickly as the synth sequence catches your ear, the classically trained gospel singer’s richly textured vocal comes to the fore and the music mellows into R&B and soul sweetness.

“Say Yes” is the single from Tiffany’s debut EP by the same name, which features 10 songs produced by Morgan Turner and Josh Lay of Rhyme and Reasons Productions.  The song’s message is solid and straightforward–surrender to God’s will–and the vibe is palatable to listeners with urban gospel tastes.

Tiffany hails from Baltimore, MD.

"Wilderness" – Sonny Rivera (Video)

Enjoy Sonny Rivera’s music video, “Wilderness.”  The song is written, produced, and recorded by Rivera for UEAMusic.

"Breakthrough" – Half Mile Home

Half Mile Home - Breakthough art work“Breakthrough”
Half Mile Home (2015)
Church Boy Muzik

Half Mile Home’s inspirational hard handclap track, “Breakthrough,” drives home an important message: keep the faith.  The contemporary tune is the lead single from the Akron trio’s album, Don’t Judge Me (set for release this summer).

Check out the official video and you’ll see three gentlemen with soulful chops letting you know it’s “time for your breakthrough!”

"Run and Go Tell It" – Mighty Men of Faith

“Run and Go Tell It”
Mighty Men of Faith
From the CD, Nothing But Grace (2014)
N2L Records

Mighty Men of Faith cover art

They planned to perform only once for a special event at University AME Zion Church, but the one-time plan was axed when the response to their performance opened doors for them to travel throughout northern California. Five years later, they’re known as The Mighty Men of Faith, and they’ve released their sophomore CD entitled Nothing But Grace, which features the urban contemporary single “Run and Go Tell It.”

In contrast to the tempo one might assume belongs to a song with “run” in its title, “Run and Go Tell It” is unhurried. Staccato R&B-esque lead vocals and finger-snap percussion, enhanced by layered harmonies throughout the chorus, accentuate the tune’s simple personal declaration: “I will run and go tell it…what God has done for me.” 

The Palo Alto, CA foursome has been nominated for Rhythm of Gospel Awards in five categories.

"Because of You" – Damon Little

“Because of You”
Damon Little (2014)

Damon Little - Because of You art workDamon Little is known for the hit songs “You Can’t Straddle the Fence,” “Do Right,” and “Make A Way,” but perhaps his most personal musical offering thus far is the urban praise ballad “Because of You.”

Little has a testimony—a portion of which he shares at the start of his self-penned tune. Just over a year ago, the gospel community rallied around him with prayers and support when they got the news that he would need emergency heart surgery.  Though the surgery can now be described as a success, Little underwent several challenges and setbacks, including a brief period during which he says his body rejected his heart. Now he’s healed and lyrically proclaims, “I wish they could see me today; I would tell them look at me now, see what the Lord can do.”

“Because of You,” produced by Little and co-produced by Bubby Fann, departs from the familiar quartet stylings of Little and his group Nu Beginnings and embraces choir harmonies.  The result is an arrangement that complements the toggling of narration and singing that Little does throughout his song of gratitude.

“Because of You” is available on iTunes.