Rev. Gene Martin, who formerly traveled with Evangelist A.A. Allen, dies

Rev. Gene Martin

Rev. Gene Martin went to be with the Lord today (March 20), after several months of illness.  He was 75 years old.

The well-known singer, choir director, and evangelist began his recording career in the 1960s with Evangelist A.A. Allen.  For several years to follow, he traveled with Allen, singing at revivals and with the Miracle Valley Choir. From the 1970s through the 1990s, Rev. Martin traveled the country with his own ministry, the Gene Martin Action Revival.  In 2001, he was presented to another generation of traditional gospel music lovers through Bishop Carlton Pearson’s Live at Azusa, Vol. 4, which featured his Holy Ghost-drenched rendition of “Too Close to Heaven/I’ve Got It.”

GMF extends condolences to Rev. Gene Martin’s family and friends during this bittersweet time. Though he is surely at rest, he will be greatly missed.

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  1. I remember Jean Martin from Somewhere around the late 1950s. We were poor white folks living in the country on welfare. Sometimes it was not too much to eat, but we always enjoyed listening to an album by Gene Martin. Somehow we got to Minneapolis at one point, and I think we saw him with a.a. Allen, The alcoholic evangelist. I always felt bad for Gene Martin. In those days, believers didn’t realize and understand that alcoholism is a disease, not a demonic possession. The folks believe some strange things, but no one can take a thing away from Gene Martin’s voice and music. I still love him.

  2. Love that Gene Martin. He blessed the world with his music. So thankful I got to be a part of that holy time.
    Attended the big tent in Cincinnati from 1964 to 1970.
    I cast out demons for the first time right under AAA Allen’s big tent. I was invited to sit on the stage as a minister in 1969 the year before Rev Allen died. Every day I would always pray for each one of the team by name. And one day I prayed for everyone but AA Allen himself. I learned later he died that day. I was blessed to be in service with Gene Martin later in other states.
    Thank the good Lord glory to God! Some of my prophetic words are on YouTube under Prophet Gloria Daulton. I’ll be 81 this year still preaching as strong and as long as I did back in 1968 when the Lord first anointed me to preach. Still healing the sick and casting out devils!

  3. During revival on Navajo nation years ago, he gave my grandma an album free. My sis and I met him the last time and we took pics together.He told my sister to “stay pretty as you are”,during revival.He saw something in my sis’s faith.I loved him and his singing was something else.I have most of his albums.I listen to his songs when I’m sad and I wonder what he’s doing in heaven.He was a favorite on the Navajo nation during revivals.He sure was a blessing.God bless his family,relatives.

  4. I was sorry to read about Gene. I worked with him in England when he sang with the A A Allen revival’s. He was a genuine friend and always remembered me when he came to England. I worked for the David phillips revival’s in south wales. God bless you all. Regards dennis

  5. Still remember his singing from 5 years old seen him with A.A. Allen with my Mother was just looking up some of his songs that popped in my head.

  6. Rev. Gene Martin was a versatile minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. His prolific ministry in song has blessed untold millions that only time and eternity will aptly express. He was a blessing to the Open Door Outreach Ministries of St. Louis, Missouri from 1996 to 2012 as he conducted revival services mostly on an annual basis. We say, "Farewell, Brother Gene, we will meet you on the other shore!"

  7. Thank you for a life well-lived, your legacy still remains. Enjoy your life eternal with Jesus Christ our precious Lord and Saviour.

  8. I'm a member of the nation of gods and earths. I remember gene martin when I was a toddler. My parents were members of etc. In the Bronx, my father was a reverend then. Long time ago. Gene martin used to spend the weekends with us. He had this silky voice that was so rich in vibe. Never will forget that.

  9. He was not only singer, but an annointed preacher that had many spiritual gifts. He gave me a Word at Center of hope in 2001 in Oakland from God that was going to bless me with the job that i had for the past 14 years. It came to pass!!!! We will miss Rev. Martin.

  10. We will miss Envangelist Gene Martin here at Open Door Church in Phoenix, Arizona. He has always had an encouraging word and was a blessing with his gifts. My father Bishop Billie Joe Morrison loved singing his songs and also singing with him. Gone but never forgotten.

  11. We met Gene Martin several times at our Louisiana church he was down to earth, sung heavenly, and could preach about the love of God at revivals, Andrae Crouch was another great singer. I will truly miss them both.

  12. Loved his music and enjoyed seeing him in louisiana Gene Martin will be missed but never forgotten. Andrae Crouch was a great singer as well

  13. Met Him many years ago in Fresno, Ca. at a local revival. He and His team Blessed my soul greatly.

  14. Gene is and forever will be one of GOD'S greatest gifts given to us this side of heaven. Dayton, Ohio has been tremendously blessed by his ministry for many, many years. A precious man of GOD, and dear friend to Father and Mother Lewis (deceased), Heaven's Unlimited, Pastor Evangelist Cynthia Davis, and Pastor R. Hunter (deceased) and the Progressive Baptist Church

  15. He was a awesome man who spent countless times at my mother's house coming up eating my grandmother's cooking, my prayer is with his family. May GOD give you all strength.

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