Celebrated documentary ‘Say Amen Somebody’ restored to 4K; chronicles rich history of gospel music

4K Restored Documentary Celebrates The Father of Gospel Music, Thomas Dorsey, 
Barrett Sisters, O’Neal Twins, Sallie Martin, Mother Willie Mae Ford Smith 
Explores Gospel’s Chicago Roots

The Barrett Sisters, L-R: Rodessa Porter, Delois Campbell, Billie GreenBey
One of the most acclaimed music documentaries of all time, Say Amen, Somebody is George Nierenberg’s masterpiece—a joyous, funny, deeply emotional celebration of African American culture, featuring the father of Gospel, Thomas A. Dorsey (“Precious Lord, Take My Hand”); its matron, Mother Willie Mae Ford Smith; and earth-shaking performances by the Barrett Sisters and the O’Neal Twins. When it was first released in the early 1980s, the film received an overwhelming critical response, garnering rave reviews around the world.
“One of the most joyful movies I’ve ever seen.”
— Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
“The film’s mood is never less than marvelously infectious.”
— Richard Schickel, Time 
“The music conquers doubt and unhappiness, and when it ends, you feel healed.”
— David Denby, New York Magazine
Unseen in cinemas for nearly thirty years, Say Amen, Somebody has been gorgeously restored to 4K by Milestone with support from the National Museum of African American History and Culture and the Academy Film Archive. The new restoration features brilliantly restored 5.1 soundtrack!

For additional information and screening schedule, visit the website at www.sayamensomebody.com.

– From a press release