“Praise the Name” – Melanie Waldman

“Praise the Name”
Melanie Waldman (2021)
Melanie Waldman Music

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Like many, Melanie Waldman’s 2020 was filled with transition and uncertainty. Drawn to the scriptures as her anchor, the worship leader began writing and has now released the worship single, “Praise the Name.”

“Praise the Name” is based on Psalm 107 and is the first single from Melanie’s forthcoming album, PSALMSONGS, which features more self-written tunes inspired by the book of Psalms. Produced by Lori Chaffer, “Praise the Name” is expressed with old and new sounds in instrumentation as well as through Melanie’s airy legato approach, particularly in the worship tune’s chorus. “Praise the name of the Lord our God,” she croons. “He is loving. He is kind…”

In addition to leading worship and writing, Melanie is a speaker and wife. She and her husband Scott split their time between New Jersey and Nashville.