“Satan Is Defeated” – Jonathan Willis & Zion City

“Satan Is Defeated”
Jonathan Willis & Zion City (2022)

Jonathan Willis Satan is Defeated cover art

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Jonathan Willis & Zion City are giving Sunday morning pentecostal congregational praise with “Satan Is Defeated,” and it sounds to me like that’s exactly what Willis and the song’s co-writer and producer Patrick Shorts intended. “Satan Is Defeated” offers foot-stomping, hand-clapping, call-and-response, led by Willis. Zion City begins in unison before branching into three-part harmony in time for the vamp, making it a number that even non-singers will find enjoyably easy to sing.

The message is as simple as the melody: Satan loses and Christ’s followers win, for God’s Word declares it to be so. “I’ve got it – the victory!” the aggregation proclaims.

Willis is the senior pastor of Prayer of Faith Temple Zion City Church of God in Christ in Lynchburg, VA.