“Your Blessing’s On The Way” – Mary P. Coston

“Your Blessing’s On The Way”
Mary P. Coston (2022)
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Mary P. Coston Your Blessing's on the Way cover art

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

“Your Blessing’s On The Way” is a hand-clapper of a declaration from Mary P. Coston. “No matter what the devil says, your blessing’s still on the way!”

Coston shines in the verses of this number, where her staccato notes rhythmically punctuate the fast pace of the song. Though entirely tuneful, Coston also sounds undeniably preachy at times, particularly as the track ascends to its peak. Listen intently and her vocal becomes a mash-up of Dorinda Clark Cole and Cosmopolitan’s Dianne Williams – and I like it.

Coston is a native of Michigan and started singing at age three. She released her first single (“Jesus is the Best Thing”) in 2008. “Your Blessing’s On The Way” is Coston’s current single, written by Andre Cranford and produced by Gregory Pearson.