Sizzlin’ This Week (7/25/11) – “Lord Save Me”

“Lord Save Me”
Todd Curry & Focus
From the upcoming project, Quit Playin’ Church (2011)

Character and “pure” ministry are the pulse of music ministry for Todd Curry & Focus–no wonder the ensemble’s new project is titled Quit Playin’ Church and the lead single is “Lord Save Me.”

“Lord Save Me,” written and arranged by Cornelius T. Purcell, is a fervent prayer from the heart of a sinner in the first verse and a christian who lives in a world where temptation is ever present in the second.  Each leads to a sincere appeal for salvation: “Lord save me / Wash away my sins / Free me from the bondage of the sinful life I’m living…”

A goal of Curry, who is an ordained elder, and his Greensboro based urban gospel group is for “Lord Save Me” to cross cultural lines with its sound and message.  Mission accomplished.  The melody is simple, the lyrics are powerful, and the song is a timely reminder that in whatever state we find ourselves, saint or sinner, we will never outgrow our need for Jesus Christ and His saving power.