"Say Yes" – Tiffany Jeffers

"Say Yes" Tiffany Jeffers art work“Say Yes”
Tiffany Jeffers (2016)
Write Haus Music Group

By Libra Boyd

Gospel Music Fever

The intro of Tiffany Jeffers’ single “Say Yes” could easily be part of an old Nintendo game.  But get this: just as quickly as the synth sequence catches your ear, the classically trained gospel singer’s richly textured vocal comes to the fore and the music mellows into R&B and soul sweetness.

“Say Yes” is the single from Tiffany’s debut EP by the same name, which features 10 songs produced by Morgan Turner and Josh Lay of Rhyme and Reasons Productions.  The song’s message is solid and straightforward–surrender to God’s will–and the vibe is palatable to listeners with urban gospel tastes.

Tiffany hails from Baltimore, MD.