Take a listen to "To Seek and To Save" by NOLA's The JUST

The JUST invites you to take a listen to the gospel soul track “To Seek and To Save.”  The song is written, arranged, produced, and performed by Daniel Rickerson (right), with music by Robert Fulco of Sanctuary Sound Studio.

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"Gotta Believe in Me" [Audio] – Ebony Archer

“Gotta Believe in Me”
Ebony Archer
From the upcoming EP, The Breakthrough (Fall 2013)

Ebony Archer Gotta Believe in Me art work
Here’s one to sing to yourself in the mirror every morning: “Doesn’t matter if I fall / Gonna make it through it all / For now I see / Gotta believe in me!”  Better yet, let gospel and inspirational pop artist Ebony Archer sing it for you; she has the chops as well as the infectious dance track to go with it. “Gotta Believe in Me” is part of her forthcoming five-track EP, The Breakthrough.

The Chicago singer, who’s a former member of Walt Whitman and the Soul Children, says that “the message of this song is to let everyone know that in order to reach your dreams, you must believe in yourself first, in order to make them come true.”

At 21 years of age, Ebony doesn’t just talk the talk.  In addition to singing, she is an author and the executive producer of Youth Speak Out TV Show.  She also has plans to film and produce her first documentary this year.

"The Medley" [Audio] – Connection!

“The Medley”
Connection! (2013)
Redeemed Records
Available on Amazon

Connection artwork
The group of young men from Houston known as Connection! makes good use of a medley to showcase clean vocals, slick production, and the ability to drop some good music on both contemporary and traditional gospel quartet fans.
Simply called “The Medley,” Connection! starts with ‘”Heaven is My Goal” followed by “Running (99 1/2 Won’t Do),” both of moderate tempo and R&B/soul feel, before diving into the hand-clapper “Hold On.”
Since the group’s formation in 2000, Connection! has gotten much attention, including racking up a pair of Rhythm of Gospel Award nominations.

Teen’s song about Trayvon Martin creates buzz on “The James Fortune Show”

Click here to listen to the song from teen singer/songwriter/guitarist Carvena Jones entitled “I Am Trayvon Martin”.

“Won’t Be Like This Always” [Audio] – PreZ Blackmon II

“Won’t Be Like This Always”
PreZ Blackmon II (2013)
Available on iTunes

In light of all that’s going on in our society and throughout the country, PreZ Blackmon II’s “Won’t Be Like This Always” has arrived just in time to point us to brighter days. 
Though the Cali singer/songwriter does not speak directly to societal ills through his single, he soulfully delivers an earnest message of encouragement applicable to a majority; that is, anyone from any walk of life who is searching for their cloud’s silver lining.

“Won’t Be Like This Always”–described by PreZ as “old school with a new school twist”–features guitar work by Agape Jerry and production by Patrick Bolton.

Enjoy Mario Brown’s remake of the Donny Hathaway classic “This Christmas”

Boston, MA (December 20, 2012) – Gospel newcomer Mario Brown has recorded one of the all-time Christmas favorites, “This Christmas,” and is making it available to all.
Mario says 2012 “has been a great year. My album [The Mario Brown Project] has been released and I am surrounded by family and friends.”
“God has truly blessed me,” Mario reflects. “My gift to the community comes in song. ‘This Christmas’ has always been special to me so I give everyone the gift of my version of the classic.”
The singer, songwriter, and musician is signed with Bronx Bridge Entertainment, Inc. and F. Hammond Music.

“Turn It Around” – Tim Rogers & The Fellas f. John P. Kee

“Turn It Around”
Tim Rogers & The Fellas feat. John P. Kee
From the upcoming CD, Real (Available June 19, 2012)
Blackberry Records

Question: What do you get when you put one of the baddest rising quartets and the “Prince of Gospel” in the same studio?
Answer: You get one head-bobbing inspirational tune that’s shaking up radio and uplifting hearts all over the country.
“Turn It Around” is the current single by Arkansas’s Tim Rogers & The Fellas featuring John P. Kee.  The 32 year-old singer/songwriter/pastor and Kee deliver this mid-tempo bounce so earnestly that by the time they finish hurling their doses of encouragement (“Even if your life is still in a mess, believe God for your blessing–it’s comin’ to your address”), your faith in the power of God is unwavering.
“Turn It Around” is from Tim Rogers & The Fellas’ forthcoming CD, Real, scheduled for release in June.


“In the Middle” – PAJAM Remix by 21:03

2103 “Middle” PAJAM REMIX (thebritneyspearsmix) by PAJAMMUSIC

"I Will (She Will Remix)" – C. Lewis

“I Will” 
C. Lewis (2011)
Hip-hop sensation C. Lewis continues to drop great new music.  Check out this featured track, “I Will.”
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