Sizzlin' This Week (8/22/11) – "Turnin' Things Around"

“Turnin’ Things Around”
George, Jr.
From the CD, The Signature of “G”

George Dickens, Jr. is the Stellar Award-winning songwriter behind Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson’s hit song “I Made It,” from his 2006 Just Being Me album (also featured on WOW Gospel 2007).  The Oak City, NC native is also a frontman and songwriter in his father’s group, George Dickens and the Gospel Disciples.

His recent effort is a solo project, The Signature of “G” which features “Turnin’ Things Around.”  An uplifting mid-tempo tune from start to finish, Dickens testifies of God’s provision and protection before cruising into a vamp that deposits in the spirits of all who’ll believe: “He’s turnin’ things around,” “He’s workin’ it out,” and “I can feel it!”

With Dickens’ Keith “Wonderboy” Johnson-esque lead, tight background vocals, and a laid-back yet forward-moving music arrangement laced with a sweet rhythm guitar, “Turnin’ Things Around” is my pick this week!

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  1. Continue to let the Lord use you
    That is what Evangilist Vonzell Pittman told us when he called on the musicians
    He would say ;

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