“Greater Is Coming” – Jekalyn Carr

“Greater Is Coming” [Album Version]
Jekalyn Carr
From the upcoming CD, Greater Is Coming (Spring 2013)

Jekalyn Carr Greater is Coming art work
Jekalyn Carr’s résumé resembles that of someone who’s been in the business for as long as she is old.
A frequent psalmist at Benny Hinn crusades, a fiery evangelist whose YouTube videos show her preaching preceding generations into frenzies, and a special musical guest on the Word Network, the 15 year-old diminutive dynamo makes quite an authoritative declaration with the single “Greater Is Coming,” from her forthcoming CD of the same title.
Jekalyn pours every ounce of conviction she can muster into this worshipful ballad of affirmation to proclaim that “greater” is just over the horizon.  Her intensity is palpable as she announces, “Look out World, here comes your Healer!  Look out World, here comes your Deliverer!”
Look out World, here comes powerhouse Jekalyn Carr.

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  1. I had the opportunity to witness the spirit of this young lady on two occasions and you couldn't help but feel the holy spirit. She is turly gifted to deliver the word of God through her singing as well as the spoken voice. May God's Blood continue to pour over her and fill her with his power. God Bless!

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