"Living Right" – Kirby Wills and Southern Sound

“Living Right”
Kirby Wills and Southern Sound
From the CD, Living Right (2012)

Kirby Wills and Southern Sound

One need not look far to behold the atrocities of a society in moral decay.  Yet, as voices crying in a 21st century wilderness, Kirby Wills and Southern Sound present the sobering question: “What’s wrong with living right?”

“Living Right” written by Bill Adams, is the title track of the Durham group’s southern gospel CD and is performed by Wills–who could’ve easily enjoyed mainstream success as a country artist. Pianist Angela Fluet offers vocal harmony support in the chorus.  While Wills and Fluet are the dominant voices on the song, the entire band is filled with singers and musicians, all of whom serve the First Pentecostal Church of Durham.

Fluet describes their music as multi-genred, encompassing southern gospel, bluegrass, and rockabilly, but there is no question about the singular message of “Living Right.”  The message is holiness: Not a denomination, but a lifestyle.