New artist duo F.L.O.G.I.C releases music video ‘My God 4x’

F.L.O.G.I.C - Favored Ladies of God in Christ

The burgeoning Christian sister-duo F.L.O.G.I.C, composed of sisters Breanna and Taylour Dickerson, is an inspirational, multilingual group breaking cultural barriers with their inclusivity, giving them a global appeal. F.L.O.G.I.C – Favored Ladies of God in Christ – believes God has given them the ability to reach people of all ages and from all backgrounds, and they desire to use their music as a way to bring generations together and all those who choose to love God, no matter their race or denomination. At a time when the youth are really struggling, F.L.O.G.I.C brings hope to young adults with their relatability and their fun approach to loving and serving God. Their newest release, “My God 4x,” a colloquial tale about being on God’s side, based on Matthew 25:33-34, is a testament to that. The song’s music video, which features high-energy teens and the duo’s strong dance skills, is set to release on March 27.

Breanna and Taylour grew up dancing and singing in the church, as well as performing in plays at megachurches across the country. Since the pandemic, they have changed their group’s name and have changed their inspirational genre label to Christian, although their music continues to be an inspiration to all. In 2019, Breanna and Taylour were hand-picked for a private audition for America’s Got Talent season 14, which led them to the celebrity judge round, receiving four favorable responses from Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough, Howie Mandel, and Simon Cowell. With a background in musical theatre, both sisters are electrifying on stage. Before the pandemic, the ladies performed at the famous Sound of Brazil in NYC, Revolution Bar and Music Hall, and the Paramount Theater, among other venues. With a passion for both female empowerment and education, F.L.O.G.I.C will be opening at the annual Girlz Talk 2021 STEM Conference, celebrating women in science, where their music video will also be debuted.

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“Praise the Name” – Melanie Waldman

“Praise the Name”
Melanie Waldman (2021)
Melanie Waldman Music

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Like many, Melanie Waldman’s 2020 was filled with transition and uncertainty. Drawn to the scriptures as her anchor, the worship leader began writing and has now released the worship single, “Praise the Name.”

“Praise the Name” is based on Psalm 107 and is the first single from Melanie’s forthcoming album, PSALMSONGS, which features more self-written tunes inspired by the book of Psalms. Produced by Lori Chaffer, “Praise the Name” is expressed with old and new sounds in instrumentation as well as through Melanie’s airy legato approach, particularly in the worship tune’s chorus. “Praise the name of the Lord our God,” she croons. “He is loving. He is kind…”

In addition to leading worship and writing, Melanie is a speaker and wife. She and her husband Scott split their time between New Jersey and Nashville.

Gregory ‘Gregory D’ DeMyers reveals inspiration behind song ‘My Time’

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Just before Gregory DeMyers penned his single “My Time,” he had a question. You see, DeMyers, known as Gregory D,  is a self-described family man who loves the Lord. He writes music and sings whenever given the opportunity. He oversees the streaming of weekly services at his local church, Tabernacle of David Church in Lansing, MI. He even owns a production company and recording studio. Essentially, Gregory is a good steward of his time, talents, and resources, and he is faithful over the work of his ministry. Still, at one point the multi-talented singer-songwriter, who is also a multi-instrumentalist (keyboard, organ, drums, and bass), wondered when his time would actually come to reach the masses. 

Then Gregory heard from God.

“God spoke to me and said, ‘I am making room for you.’” Gregory, an ordained elder whose ministry started in gospel rap before evolving into praise and worship, subsequently wrote the praise and worship tune “My Time.” He sang the uptempo declaration prophetically over his life and ministry, encouraging himself to trust God’s schedule. Since then, he and his aggregation known as Gregory D and Company have debuted on multiple TV shows and landed on several Billboard charts. “When Marvin Sapp, an icon, was #31 on the charts, we were holding the #36 spot. That was a true wow for my career, especially as an independent artist.”

“As an artist, you want every project you release to do good,” Gregory reflects. “After years of putting out music, it came to a point in my life where I questioned if I was good enough to do this.  That’s when God assured me that my time is now. That’s the encouragement I want to give to others: You are good enough!  Don’t let failures stop you from pushing through.”

“My Time” was released as a collaborative effort between Gregory D Productions, LLC and Indie Blu Music. He plans to keep the music coming with the release of another single this year titled, “Created.” You can follow him on and all social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Clubhouse @GregoryDmusic.

“Get Ready” – Darwin Hobbs

“Get Ready”
Darwin Hobbs (2021)
HeartART Worship

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Darwin Hobbs is back and his new single “Get Ready” hits as if he never left. Hobbs hasn’t recorded an album in a decade, using his time away from the industry to regain a sense of focus and purpose. Now not only has he released new music, but he’s done so through his own company, HeartART Worship, a community for creative worship artisans wherein pastors, leaders, musicians, and others will foster opportunities for mentorship, discipleship, and creative expression. The mid-tempo horn-driven declaration of expectancy (shout out to Mo’Horns brass band) is HeartART Worship’s first release.

In addition to his latest endeavors, Hobbs serves as a worship leader at the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, NY.

“What A Friend” – Elder Randall Ogans, Sr.

“What A Friend”
Elder Randall Ogans, Sr.
From the CD, What A Friend (2020)

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Elder Randall Ogans, Sr.’s arrangement of “What A Friend” is like chicken soup for the soul. The jazz-infused instrumental is the title track from his debut gospel jazz CD, on which son Dorian is a featured musician and co-producer.

“What A Friend” opens with the lull of an acoustic piano, shaping each note of the melody into a reminder of the solace we and the generations before us have found in the 19th-century hymn. Ogans’ arrangement then blossoms into a full-bodied smooth instrumental, replete with electric piano, organ, pads, and percussion.

The track was recorded at Ogans’ own Alpha 7 Ministries Studios in Roseville, CA.

“Oh My Lord” – God’s Example

“Oh My Lord”
God’s Example (2020)

God's Example cover art

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Urban contemporary group God’s Example drops bars lamenting racial and social unrest, COVID-19, political party divides, and other issues of the day in the single, “Oh My Lord.” Relying on the hope of overcoming turbulent times, the group says the countdown is on for the end of “Pharoah’s gig” and calls for kingdom reformation.

It’s a heavy message that pivots to a decidedly optimistic declaration: “He said He’ll never leave me / Neither will He forsake me / If He said it, I believe it / If He spoke it, I receive it / And I won’t let nobody shake me!”

Musically, God’s Example packages “Oh My Lord” with ample urban contemporary bop and a quick traditional quartet hump – all before the track reaches the three-minute mark. A certain aural nostalgia makes it apparent to me that The Winans are among the group’s musical influences. It’s definitely a compliment to the style of these four biological brothers whose quartet originated in Florida under the leadership of their father, Pastor Emaniuel Roberts.

“Heart’s Cry” – Hope McCants

“Heart’s Cry”
Hope McCants (October 2, 2020)
Hope McCants Ministry

Hope McCants

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Austere simplicity is the hallmark of Hope McCants’ self-written single “Heart’s Cry,” a personal petition for more of God. The vertical worship tune begins with Hope echoing sentiments of the psalmist David, as written in Psalm 63, longing for God as one who thirsts for water in an arid desert. Antonio Black of MB Production accompanies on keys and strings as Hope, whose natural vibrato emerges as the prominent stylistic element in her otherwise deliberately unpretentious performance, lays bare her heart before an audience of One. The rest of us might feel privileged to overhear and make her prayer our own.

Hope serves in ministry with her husband, Pastor Michael L. McCants. She is currently co-pastor at East Point Church of the Nazarene in Atlanta.

“Take Your Knee Off My Neck” – Shirley Caesar

“Take Your Knee Off My Neck”
Shirley Caesar (September 11, 2020)
Shu-Bel Records/Red Alliance Media

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

“Take Your Knee Off My Neck” is one of the most direct and impassioned calls to action for social and racial justice that Pastor Shirley Caesar has issued in song. That speaks volumes for a gospel legend whose nearly seven decades of recording stretch across many of our nation’s darkest days of bigotry, segregation, and injustice.

In the riveting single co-written with Michael Mathis, Pastor Caesar speaks frankly about George Floyd’s May 2020 “lynching in broad daylight,” during which Minneapolis police officers held him in place with a knee to his neck until he lost consciousness. Floyd’s death was followed by days of demonstrations around the country. The track opens with crowd chants of “I can’t breathe!” – the last words of too many who have died in officer-involved encounters. Caesar minces no words addressing this and related acts of police brutality.

“Take your knee off my neck!”

“Enough is enough!”

“Stop killing our sons and daughters!”

“Leave us alone!”

She speaks the names of several other victims as well: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant, Tamir Rice, Breonna Taylor, Sandra Bland. The roll call of Black lives taken senselessly never ceases to stir deep emotions for me, and this context is no different. “You’re gonna reap what you’ve sowed,” Caesar warns the evildoers.

The straightforward message of “Take Your Knee Off My Neck” is driven by the song’s pulsating rhythm section. It’s an auditory evocation of trifold symbolism. Caesar’s finger is on the pulse of the times, singing pointedly about defenseless hearts that have stopped beating at the hands of their cold-hearted murderers.

Despite the circumstances that make “Take Your Knee Off My Neck” a necessary and urgent call to action, Caesar doesn’t confront the oppressors without lifting up the oppressed. “Beautiful Black people,” she sings, “hold your head up high. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. Black lives matter!”

Joy Bogonko talks debut EP, shares best advice she’s ever gotten

By Libra Boyd
Gospel Music Fever

Joy Bogonko is an emerging voice for her generation. The young Minnesota raised up-and-coming musician, singer, and songwriter chatted with Gospel Music Fever about her self-titled EP and offered advice to her contemporaries. 

Libra: Joy, it’s such a pleasure to talk with you.  Please tell us how your music journey started and who your influences have been.
Joy: It’s a pleasure talking with you as well! I’ve always been into music from a young age. I grew up playing different instruments and loving how music brings people together. I was about 15 when I started my current journey of singing professionally. I’ve been influenced by my big sister the most for sure because she has always believed in me and my potential. Her unwavering support has honestly been a huge contribution to where and who I am today. Musically, I’ve always loved Adele, Israel Houghton, Rihanna, Jonathan McReynolds, and Lauryn Hill, because of how they embrace their unique voices. 
Libra: Talk to us about your current EP.
Joy: My current EP is generally a positive theme about strength, weakness, and conquering what life throws at you. Something a bit more personal to me is understanding that no matter what anyone’s going through, we are not alone and our feelings are valid. 
Libra: This is your debut EP.  There’s a lot in store for you.  What are some of your music goals?
Joy: I hope to connect with more people, collaborate with other artists, and get better at my passion.
Libra: What do you believe is the biggest issue your generation faces, and what is your advice to empower them?
Joy: The biggest issue my generation faces is not being heard. I believe in young people so much and as a young person myself, it can feel really hard to speak out on what I believe in. I think the best advice I can give is always remember that any contribution counts, no matter how big or small. We are a force to be reckoned with and I think the rest of the world is starting to catch up. 
Libra: Speaking of advice, what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
Joy: The best advice I’ve ever been given is that there is no competition. When I think of myself as the person I’m competing with, it drives me to excel while also giving myself the compassion and grace I deserve. 
Libra: These next questions are totally random. Here we go!  iPhone or Android?
Joy: iPhone.

Libra: Texting or talking?
Joy: Talking.

Libra: Last song you downloaded?
Joy: “Black Is Beautiful” by Mayyadda.

Libra: At what venue would you most like to perform?
Joy: I would love to perform at Radio City Music Hall!

Libra: What’s your dream music collaboration?
Joy: My dream collaboration would be with Tori Kelly or H.E.R. 

Libra: What do you want to make sure GMF readers know?
Joy: I want to make sure that readers know that they are valuable and that they matter. And don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise!

Joy’s current single is “He’s Not Done Yet.”  You can listen to it here and visit her socials here

“God Is Love” – Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte

“God Is Love”
Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers of Charlotte (LSOC) (2020)

Steve Dalton & LSOC God is Love cover artBy Janie Sheeley-Torain
GMF Special Contributor

Steve Dalton & The Leviticus Singers’ riveting vocals and soul-rousing lyrics minister to the brokenhearted and the downtrodden through their latest single, “God Is Love.” It is a powerful but simple message, packaged with an upbeat tempo, which serves as a vivid reminder of the all-embracing reach of the love of God.  Dalton’s finely calibrated declarations mixed with LSOC’s stylistic background vocals that are centered around God’s love will uplift your spirit and stir up your soul.  The ensemble’s vocal vitality and beats are contagious, and as you listen you will be transformed from tapping your toes, praising and worshiping, to eventually pointing to yourself in the mirror and singing, “He’ll never stop loving you!”

“God Is Love” is the first single from Steve Dalton & LSOC’s upcoming EP, The Introduction.


Janie Sheeley-Torain, Ed.D, is a gospel music enthusiast, author, National Board Certified Teacher, and life-long educator. She is an advocate of invigorating gospel music that inspires, elevates, and encourages the listener. She has published and is currently working on manuscripts that embolden the musicians of gospel music.